Script Writers wanted

Script Writers wanted

We are looking for script writers for Kirtu.


1. Excellent command of English language
2. Good imagination and attention to detail
3. Must be able to use MS Word

Payment and Benefits:

1. Payment will be 100$ (USD) per script
2. Payment will be made via payoneer
3. All Script writers will get a free membership to the Kirtu Premium paysite
4. Get to see your own ideas become a Kirtu toon.

Application steps:

1. Download the sample script from here –
2. Write a script in the same format on any story idea of your own of about 4/5 script pages (Only write the start and one sex scene. You don’t need to complete the entire story in the 4/5 script pages)
3. The story does not have to be about Savita Bhabhi. You can use your own characters.
4. Email your script to [email protected]

Script Writing Tips:

1. Keep in mind that this is a script for a still images comic, not a movie. So each panel has to describe NOT actions, but specific positions and expressions of the characters along with dialogue.

eg: Something like this cannot be drawn by the artist in one panel, you need to specify the exact scene to be drawn.
SB steps out of the train on the platform. Meanwhile, She sees her jiju “Kamal” is waving hand in the crowd. She starts moving towards him.

2. Do not just write the dialogue. You also need to put instructions for the artist on how actually to draw the scene (placement of characters/background etc)

3. Use proper capitalization in script and dialogue.

4. Do not rush or jump thu the script. Remember, this is just a sample so you do not have to complete the full story in 4 pages.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of the Kirtu team, so send in your scripts as soon as possible to [email protected]

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