Shyla In The Part Time Job

  • Fan Series Episode 4
  • Released: July 19, 2012
  • Script By: Jackey
  • Art By: Waky
  • Colors: Waky
  • Series: Fan Series
  • Rating:

Our hot heroine Shyla has run out of spending money! What is she to do now?

When her friend Natasha offers her a part time job, Shyla cannot refuse the offer. But when she reaches Natasha’s apartment she is taken aback by the lights and cameras there. What is this part time job that Natasha is offering her. And will Shyla do it? Check out Shyla 2 – The Part Time Job to find out!

*Note: This is a fan submitted artwork and not part of the regular update schedule. It will be of much lower quality than the SB series. It is just something extra for Kirtu members.