Transaction declined?

Transaction declined?

If your attempt to buy on Epoch was declined, you can go and buy via Entropay. Entropay is a company issuing free virtual international VISA cards, which you can use for transactions outside of India.


1. Open

2. Register on Entropay.

3. Login to your Entropay account and charge the card with any amount above $5. You can use your Debit Card. We recommend loading US dollars to avoid multiple conversion charges.

4. Once you have charged your card, Entropay will supply you an International Virtual Card with expiration date and CVV number.

5. Come back to subscribe page and use your new International Virtual Card to buy credit.

If you still having problems to buy, please contact us and describe your issue.

We are online 24/7 on the site to help and assist.

Enjoy, Savita Bhabhi team.