Valentine’s Delight

Nursing a broken heart over the discovery in episode 110 that her husband has been carrying on
an affair, Savita is surprised at work by a bouquet of flowers signed by a Secret Admirer who
promises to reveal himself on Valentine’s Day in this episode 111. Come celebrate the holiday of horniness with
Savita Bhabhi and this Mr. X as Our Heroine decides to not only meet this mystery man, but
also…to possibly leave her husband for him? Read and stay tuned, because Savita is making
some important life decisions that will affect all loyal Readers!

The Quean

In episode 98 of Savita Bhabhi comics, Savita’s mother was surprisingly understanding when she learned that her married daughter was engaging in adultery, but when she discovered that Alex was married too, things took a turn for the worst. That’s not how Menaka raised Savita! Her mom’s disapproval actually hits a nerve with Savi, who’s finding herself more and more unable to bear the guilt of betraying Alex’s wife, Annie. Not to mention the chaos that would engulf both couples if Annie found out about the trysts and decided to retaliate. So Savita decides to end it with Alex after one final hookup of the best sex she’s ever had with her restaurant partner!

Employee of the Month

Farhan is fed up with Savita skirting her work and showing up late in the episode 86. He works all night and the boss doesn’t even appreciate that. Angry Farhan is complaining about Savita’s work and he starts to threaten Bade Sahab. He has the picture of him and Savita having fun. The boss decides to steal his promising app with Savita’s help. But catching her snooping around his computer is the last straw. He makes an ultimatum to Bade Sahab: Either Savita is fired, or he leaves the company and sells his promising app to the rivals.

A Special Arrangement

A distraught Shobha tells her best friend Savita about the impending marriage arranged by her father. Savita decides to meet the groom Harish and “size” him up! She visits him at the house and tries to seduce him as a jewelry client. After lunch, Harish brings Savita to his apartment to make “a business” with her. Will she undermine his charm?

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