The Candidate – Stuffing the Ballot Boxes

It’s election night! Things get off to a rough start the moment Savita opens her mouth to give her opening statement. But after a fight breaks out among the candidates, Alex comes up with a sexy plan to thwart another term for President Smita!

The Candidate – Solidifying Report

After their catfight at the Election Commissioner’s office, Smita snaps embarrassing nude phone pics of Savita in order to smear her fellow candidate. So the sexy Bhabhi enlists Alex in her campaign. His first job? Distract Smita at home so Savi can find that phone and delete the dirty photos before they hit the Internet!

The Candidate – Running For President

A spate of home burglaries inspires Savita to run for president of the RWA. But when she learns that her Miss India pageant-rival Smita is the sitting president, old friction re-ignites a competition between candidates that ends in a duel of dirty sex!!!

The Anniversary Party

After Ashok ruins pornographic plans Savita made for them after their anniversary party by getting too drunk and passing out, old friend Shobha comes to Savi’s rescue by arranging a little three-way with a cute bartender. Meanwhile, new neighbours Annie and Alex Jones resolve to spice up their marital bed by invited another into it: a hot and willing waitress the very night of the party! When both threesomes spill into each other math prevails, and the 6-way orgy climaxes with Annie and Alex as the Patels’ new sexy besties.

Sex on the Beach

Savita Bhabhi and her husband Ashok in episode 61 invite their new American neighbors for a relaxing weekend at their rented beach house. Tranquility is shattered, however, when Savita almost drowns in the Arabian Sea! Luckily, Alex is on hand for a little mouth-to-mouth, although there’s as much penetration as resuscitation!

In the meantime, Ashok, who’s had his eyes on Alex’s wife Annie, gets his hands dirty when Annie needs someone to rub suntan lotion into her lovely white skin!

A Family Affair

After returning from their oversexed vacation, Savita and her family try to get life back to normal. But when Ayush and Ashok head to the city to share the souvenirs they brought back with family friends, Savita and Pooja find themselves alone with Uncleji and Samar… and the bad habits they picked on holiday land them back in the wrong beds!

The Family Vacation

The day after being released from jail, Ashok tries to make it up to Savita by taking her to a bed & breakfast for some alone time. After checking in, Ashok takes a nap to sleep off his hangover, so Savita decides to try out the B&B’s natural hot spring. When the lodge’s handsome, well-built European owner discovers Savita naked in the spring, he slides in for a taste of her charms. But the owner’s college-age step-daughter discovers the pair, and that’s when things really start to get steamy!!!

A Wife’s Sacrifice

Out drinking while on holiday in Barcelona, Ashok gets hammered and wanders off, ultimately getting arrested for engaging a street prostitute. When Savita arrives at the police station to sort things out, two officers threaten to deport Ashok and ruin his reputation unless Savita is willing to make the ultimate wife’s sacrifice for her husband’s release, pleasuring the cops thick batons!

The Bad Bahus

Patel Patriarch Kunal treats his family to a holiday abroad, inviting Ashok and Savita, and Kunal’s son Ayush and his new wife Pooja. Things get off to a rocky start when Pooja catches her husband flirting with girls at the resort, so Savita suggests a plan to counter Ayush’s wandering eye: skimpy bikinis for both Pooja and herself. The plan works, but the sight of the two hot bikini’d wives gives Kunal Uncleji an idea for a plan of his own. Chastizing the bahus for their overexposure, he drags them back to the hotel for a little one-on-two action with his Naughty Bahus!

Only for You

While re-reading some of the adventures that proved most popular with her fans, Savita realizes something: That may be the fans themselves would like an unforgettable sexual experience with Savita Bhabhi! And since she’s ever-appreciative of all her support over the years, Savita does just that! Seducing the actual reader this special issue, Savita gives every single subscriber the opportunity to fuck their favorite web comic hottie!!

Shobha’s Surprise

Savita Bhabhi’s friend Shobha decides to surprise her with a visit…only to discover Savita in the middle of a three-way with Shobha’s family friend Anush Chacha and his son Sunny! Initially disgusted, Shobha is talked into sticking around. And once Shobha’s affection for Savita is exposed, things get hot and heavy again, quickly passing the point of no return!

The Wedding Gift

Savita Bhabhi receives a wedding invitation from her childhood friend Hetal. When last-minute business travel threatens Ashok’s presence at the wedding, she travels to her hometown alone. What happens next would amaze you! Watch this space to know about the Wedding Gift that Savita Bhabhi gives to her best friend’s husband-to-be. This episode is even more special because it is written by a Savita Bhabhi FAN!

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