Promises Are Made…To Be Broken

Hoping to surprise her new lover at work for a little afternoon delight in episode 113, Savita learned the hard way that Govinda might not be quite ready for monogamy. She evened the score by hooking up with his business partner Chetan, hoping that after teaching Govinda a lesson they can start over as a couple. This is where episode 114 begins, with Govinda and Savita promising devotions of faithfulness to each other. But now that the seed of doubt has been planted, Savita isn’t sure she can trust Govinda. The only way to find out for sure is to give him a test. And that test comes in the finely fuckable form of none other than Shobha, who comes to town begging Savita’s forgiveness for her affair with Ashok. Will Govinda take the bait, or is Savita’s affection alone enough to satisfy his libido? Find out in the sex-packed new episode of Savita Bhabhi!

Revenge Served ‘Hot’

After getting to know Govinda’s maid a little better in episode 112, Savita begins settling into her new home. But even though they are fairly intimate with each other’s bodies already, she still isn’t particularly familiar with her secret admirer-cum-new boyfriend’s personality and temperament. And it’s in the process of becoming companions and partners, as well as lovers, where Savita figures out that Govinda might not be her perfect match after all. Discover what Savita learns about Govinda at the same time she does herself in this second episode of Savita Bhabhi’s new life, episode 113.

A New Life

Well, she finally did it. As promised in episode #111, Savita up and completely abandons her previous life to start a new one with her secret admirer, Govinda. And what a life change it is! Govinda just wants to pamper his new piece of ass, leaving Savita the run of his mansion while he goes to work earning his substantial fortune to spend entirely on her. But Savita doesn’t know anyone in this new town, so she invites Govinda’s housemaid to go shopping and explore the city with her. The two strike up quite an intimate friendship as Savita Bhabhi starts living the glamorous life in this episode 112.

The Private Detective

Even though Savita and Ashok have recently been getting along–and shagging–like a pair of newlyweds, as seen explicitly in episode 109, not all is well in paradise. Our bhabhi still can’t get her head around the sketch pad of XXX drawings that she found hidden in Ashok’s office: Shobha’s canvas for the hardcore fantasies that she and Savita’s husband have turned into web comics, and which have spilled over into reality and an affair. So, Savita hires a private investigator (P.I.) to find out once and for all what’s made her husband so insatiably amorous lately. But what will she do with the evidence the detective uncovers? Find out in Savita Bhabhi episode 110!

Re-Igniting the Spark

While cleaning, Savita discovers the sketch pad that Shobha left behind after her tryst with Ashok in episode #106, the very same notebook that her younger friend uses to draw the kinky cartoons she makes on the sly with Savita’s husband’s stories. And since Ashok has no artistic ability of his own, Savita is more than a little curious about the authorship behind these graphically carnal drawings in this episode 109. Confronting him after work, Savita so completely swallows Ashok’s excuse for the sketches that it brings them closer together than ever. But will his lie survive Savita Bhabhi’s sixth sense for extra-marital sex?

Uninvited Guest

Savita and her buxom bestie Annie were so successful at posing as bahus for Vedant and Karan (Bade Sahab) in issue #107 that the brothers’ parents gave them the money they needed to start up their next company. The problem? Now Mata and Baba expect an actual wedding. But there’s an even bigger complication: The senior Oberoys have invited someone to the wedding who knows the truth about Annie and Savita, someone who could not only blow up the marriage charade but also inform the “wives'” spouses! Find out the identity of this secret wedding guest, as well as what our titular heroine must do to preserve everyone’s secrets, In issue 108 of Savita Bhabhi!

Method Acting

With the Oberoy brothers fired from their jobs and down on their luck, they need a quick cash infusion to start a new business in episode 107. A desperate Vedant begged Savita for a loan in episode 106, but she’s not very comfortable with that arrangement. Something else he suggested stuck with her, however, so as we start the new issue, Savita is dressing up Annie so that they can pretend to be Vedant and Karan’s fiancées. The plan is for the brothers to introduce their prospective brides to their wealthy parents, with the hope that financial support will be forthcoming as a wedding gift. But Karan and Vedant’s parents are as clever as they are rich, investigating the bahus’ backgrounds with a technique their sons never could have imagined.

Caught Cheating

Pushed out of their own company after Savita left their employ, Bade Sahab and his brother are down on their luck and in need of capital to start a new enterprise. Vedant even shows up at Savita’s restaurant in episode 106 asking her for a loan! This fall from grace so upsets Savi that she takes off the rest of the day from work to consider how she can help her old boss and his brother. But breaking her routine by coming home unexpectedly has dire consequences: Savita catches someone extremely close to her cheating, and her disappointment forces her to make an important choice of her own. Who does our magnificent bhabhi catch being unfaithful? Find out in the new issue of Savita Bhabhi!

Breaking news!

She wasn’t even aware that photos from the session in episode 104 were already in the magazine racks. But the debut issue of Modern Indian Woman with Savita on the cover had indeed hit the streets, explaining why women kept whispering and pointing at her in public in episode 105. The business at her and Alex’s restaurant exploded too, but the real clue that Savita was now famous was Channel 8 News reporter Salena Ghosh showing up at the restaurant. Savita immediately lost her luster in Salena’s eyes the first moment the reporter set hers on handsome Alex, however, leading to one very messy TV interview!

Cover Girl

After making an indelible first impression on them in episode #103, Savita Bhabhi is given an offer she can’t refuse by the Board of Directors at Ashok’s company and his boss, Bharat, in episode 104. They’ve decided to launch a magazine for today’s modern Indian woman, and they want to put Savita on the cover of the first issue! With all the free advertising and promotion this will give her restaurant, she’s more than willing to pose for the camera. But a reunion with the American photographer Nick from episode #26 gets off to a rough start when she spills food onto her best saree! Watch Nick coax the sexiest side out of his model in this newest episode of Savita Bhabhi!

Breaking Into The Boy’s Club

Ashok’s boss Bharat catches him in a compromising position with his porn-toon collaborator Shobha and assumes his employee is “player” with the ladies just like he is. Hoping Ashok might have the right combination of attributes to become a more integral part of his company in episode 103, Bharat invites him to a dinner at his home with the Board of Directors. But as Ashok’s professional ambition shifts into high gear, he starts treating Savita like she’s one of the vapid housewives of his coworkers. She is anything but, of course, and so she asserts her value as both a businesswoman and a sexy bhabhi with the soft, wet tools at her disposal!

Slut Shaming

Even though Savita Bhabhi’s tales of sexual abandon have titillated and entertained millions of readers over the years, there are still men out there who fear a woman’s sensuality, who want to control it or, even worse, suppress its very existence. But Savita is not a woman to surrender her needs and desires lying down in episode 102. So when a conservative old fossil shames her for displaying mere affection in a public space that he happens to invade, Savita takes it upon herself to expose the man’s hypocrisy in the way she knows best: persuading him through a lesson in physical pleasure and release.

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