Slut Shaming

Even though Savita Bhabhi’s tales of sexual abandon have titillated and entertained millions of readers over the years, there are still men out there who fear a woman’s sensuality, who want to control it or, even worse, suppress its very existence. But Savita is not a woman to surrender her needs and desires lying down in episode 102. So when a conservative old fossil shames her for displaying mere affection in a public space that he happens to invade, Savita takes it upon herself to expose the man’s hypocrisy in the way she knows best: persuading him through a lesson in physical pleasure and release.

Summer of 69

How can Savita top her 100th issue anniversary explosion? By going back to what she does best, being the sexy bhabhi that turns all the men’s heads. Spotted by the young jock Gaurav out on a jog in episode 101, Savita finds herself invited to a local cricket match. She forgets all about it until stumbling upon Gaurav and his mates in the park and ends up becoming a lucky charm to the team. Savita hosts the guys for an after-game celebration, where the best player tries to score on her to keep the win streak alive!

Savita’s Birthday

Join us in celebrating the 100th episode of the Savita Bhabhi web comic with a special double-issue you simply must read to believe!

After her mind-blowingly metamorphic night with the restaurant tycoon Jeet Deshpande, Savita is determined to follow her dreams by jumping at an offer to join Jeet’s corporation and its jet-setting lifestyle. Such a commitment would require divorcing Ashok and moving away from her friends and lovers, but if starting over is what Savita must do to live her best life, well, that’s a compromise she’s concluded that she’s willing to make.
Ghosts of lovers past, present, and future collide on the night of Savita’s birthday, and the winner of that battle isn’t crowned until the final pages of this one-of-a-kind Savita Bhabhi adventure.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Hello Savita Bhabhi comics lovers! Let’s read episode 99 where Savita introduces herself to a regular customer at her restaurant to thank him for his continued business. He quietly dines at SavEATa’s TrEATs several times a week, after all, and always leaves extremely generous tips for the service staff. Upon exchanging pleasantries, Savita learns that the man is Jeet Deshpande, a restaurateur with over 100 establishments across the country. And she also discovers that Jeet’s continued patronage is no accident: The mogul loves her food and has been plotting to make Savita a business offer that she just may not be able to refuse. But would Savita dare leave her old life behind to become a wealthy and successful corporate jet-setter??

Pinup gallery

Take a look and enjoy the pinup gallery of the most famous sexy characters from the Savita Bhabhi Indian porn comics. Savita Bhabhi, Annie and many more in these single illustrated pictures of the sex cartoons at The gallery will be updated monthly so don’t forget to check it out!

Last update: 1.6.2019

Bedtime Stories

Ashok desperately wants Savita to indulge his cuckolding fantasy in episode 97 of Savita Bhabhi comics, but he doesn’t have the nerve to address his wife face-to-face about his favorite kink. After he tries to persuade her by reading one of his stories to her, Savita realizes that she’s cucking her own best friend Annie, which makes Savita feel terrible. However, when Savita’s perky friend, Shobha comes across Ashok’s lusty tales, she reveals her own hidden talent which leaves Ashok spellbound!


Savita and Ashok are celebrating in episode 96, of Savita Bhabhi comics, the Festival of Lights with their neighbors and best friends Annie and Alex. Savita’s mother, Menaka, and Ashok’s uncle are still in town as well, however, and three of Alex’s best friends are visiting from the States too. So as the party grows more expansive, so does each of the revelers’ desires. Menaka is determined to find someone young and hung to fuck with, now that her sexual passion has returned with her widowhood. And an African-American among the Jones’ U.S. posse is attached to a magical genetic appendage that one of the partygoers gets to experience in the most eye-opening of situations. So celebrate Diwali’s sexier side with this expanded holiday bonus issue of Savita Bhabhi!


Hi guys, enjoy this new episode of Trumpland! We prepared it as a bonus for you and we hope you will love it as much as we do!

Follow the life of a young man in this brand new series, as he leaves his life in India and ventures into a new world to pursue higher education in episode 1. “K-Man” as he is nicknamed by his friends, is an obnoxiously shy and innocent graduate student who has stepped out of his protective bubble and into the unknown and exciting world abroad. Will he be able to survive this brand new United States of America, or would he flounder under pressure and succumb to homesickness? Find out in this episode of Trumpland.

Burning Up With Desire

In episode 95 of Savita Bhabhi comics, on the eve of Dussehra, Ashok’s visiting Uncle Ji wants to know why Savita won’t sneak off and have sex with him as she did in the old days. But with the restaurant, and Ashok’s cuckold fetish all simmering to a boil at the same time, our Bhabhi just has a lot going on these days! When Savita tries to gently explain to Uncle Ji that she’s simply moved on in her life, his feelings get hurt. So she arranges a Dussehra night encounter with a Savita doppelgänger to satisfy Uncle Ji’s unquenchable urges.

Double Your Pleasure

Savita wakes up after the surprising cuckold kink night with her husband Ashok. Our bhabhi in episode 94 of Savita Bhabhi comics still doesn’t know what to think of Patel’s first night of sex together which was after ages. But she doesn’t get the luxury of processing the last night when some unannounced guests drop by her house for the upcoming Diwali celebration. Further chaos ensues when a cricket ball comes crashing through the window. And there will be some other familiar faces who can’t help but stir up trouble in Savita’s life.

Wearing the Horns

With the new restaurant doing better than anyone could have expected, even Ashok is forced to admit that his wife’s business is a smashing success in episode 93 of Savita Bhabhi comics. On top of that, he’s starting to think that he may have taken Savita for granted, and he’s planning a special celebration for just the two of them to start making amends. But this is no basic married-couple “date night”: Ashok springs a huge surprise on his wife, & regales her with his fantasies until Savita starts to freak out! How much does Ashok really know about Savita’s years of sexy encounters, and why is he bringing it up now??

Grand Opening

The wait is finally over for Savita and Alex when their restaurant celebrates its Grand Opening in episode 92 of Savita Bhabhi comics. But Ashok can’t shake the nagging feeling that the two partners are up to something a little saucier than curries and rice.
Meanwhile, Fariz the waiter recognizes an undercover food critic dining on Savita’s delicacies. But when his meal doesn’t impress, our Bhabhi bon vivant must open her bag of sensual surprises in order to garner a good review.